This page briefly documents Debian on Asus Eee PC models 1101HA and 1201HA. Like the ../1005HA, these models have Atheros L1C Ethernet and Atheros AR928X wireless LAN, both of which are supported ever since Squeeze.


It is recommended to install the current stable release, Wheezy.

Wheezy (stable)

Fix Suspend

For fixing wakeup after suspend:

Fix Sound

Glitches, skips or crackling sound:

to the end of the line, 'load-module module-udev-detect'. Full line:

load-module module-udev-detect tsched=0

Squeeze (oldstable)

The following instructions are obsolete and superceded by the Wheezy instructions above. They are retained for now only for informational purposes until we have filled out the Wheezy instructions.

Model-specific issues/status

Check the Model tables for any issues that apply to these models.

Unfortunately, models 1101HA and 1201HA have the GMA500 "Poulsbo" graphics chipset which is not supported on Debian (533450). As documented below, Xorg can be made to work on this model, but at the cost of poorer performance and lack of some features of the chipset.

Intel have made available a new binary driver set called IntelĀ® Embedded Graphics Driver (IEGD), which may be used to add support of GMA500 to Linux kernel (see if you want to give it a try).

More recently, Intel made available a newer binary driver set called Intel Embedded Media Graphics Driver (IEMGD), which can be used to add support of GMA 500 (Poulsbo) to the Linux kernel (see this page) for Atom Z5XX series CPUs under Debian Squeeze.

Screen resolution

For full 1366x768 screen resolution, do the following:

... and reboot. The console will now use a 1366x768 resolution.

No sound after hibernate/suspend

If you notice that sound is not always working when resuming from suspend or hibernation, create the file /etc/pm/sleep.d/50alsa with these contents (also make the file executable):

case "$1" in
                # Stopping is not required
                /sbin/alsa force-reload
        *) exit $NA