Tested with Debian Stable (LXDE & Gnome Desktops) amd64 on 22 September 2011 ASUS Eeepc 1018PB

Hardware details

Model-specific issues/status

Hot Key Notes:


There are two silver keys located near and above the F1 key. The left key is for the SHE and does not work, the right key toggles wifi an does work.

[1] Works after installing eeepc-acpi-scripts. [2] Worked before installing eeepc-acpi-scripts. Does not work after. [3] No response. Unknown if this is the key(s) or another setting. [4] I do not have access to an external monitor to test this.

Hibernate and suspend both seem to work. There is no Bluetooth on the model tested. Webcam works in Gnome, it was not tested in LXDE.

I needed to do the following in order to get the keys working that required the eeepc-acpi-scripts. It only seemed to work if preformed in this order: