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This page briefly documents Debian on Asus Eee PC model 1015CX. This is 64-bit Atom netbook (it is sold with preinstalled Ubuntu LTS 10.04). You can install either amd64 or i386 architecture.

Please don't use this page to track bugs. File bugs instead, tagging them with model-specific usertags as described on our About Bugs page, then link to Debian bug numbers in the Model tables as needed.


It is recommended to install Wheezy, as this contains up-to-date drivers for this model. People used to compile a >= 3.4 linux kernel in order to have a proper resolution set (1024x600 instead of the default 800x600). It seems no longer necessary.

Model-specific issues/status

Unfortunately, only Ubuntu 12.04 has Cedarview specific drivers that have not been ported to other distributions (including Ubuntu 12.10). This forced me to use the vesa driver for Xorg but this is not optimal (Gnome 3.0 for example can run only in a limited/suboptimal version without 3d rendering).


Nothing to say

Suspend on RAM

Fails with the default install. Installing uswsusp fixed the problem.


Although most of the "Fn" seems correctly bound, Wheezy is unable to adjust brightness. Brightness can be adjusted manually by entering: sudo setpci -s 00:02.0 f4.b=80, where 80 is the brightness level (an hexadecimal value between 00 and FF)



Hard Disk