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Requires `acpi_osi="Linux"` else eeepc-laptop won't be loaded. Requires `acpi_osi="!Windows 2009"` or `acpi_osi="Linux"` else eeepc-laptop won't be loaded.

Ongoing discussion about 1005P

We've had some interesting discussions about the 1005P recently on irc. It has atl1c for ethernet, like the 1005HA and friends, and yet another new WLAN chipset: AR2427 from Atheros, with PCI ID 168C:002C.

It apparently works with (ugh) ndiswrapper (though our one test subject doesn't have this working quite yet, in spite of reports of success in this Ubuntu thread).

Obviously we need support in ath9k and not rely on ndiswrapper. There is an upstream bug report and a patch; the patch will be included in Debian kernel 2.6.32-9, but is only compile-tested. [Info correct as of 2009-02-21.] Kernel 2.6.32-9 is out and wireless seems to work. So far I only tested scanning for networks as I don't have a WLAN to connect.

If anyone else has this model, please, we want to hear from you! Drop in on the irc channel (#debian-eeepc @ irc.oftc.net) or drop us a note on our mailing list.

1005PE differences

It seems that these have already-supported WLAN hardware.


Requires acpi_osi="!Windows 2009" or acpi_osi="Linux" else eeepc-laptop won't be loaded.


  • CPU is an Atom N450; both i386 and amd64 work on this
  • Intel graphics (GMA3150?; kernel i915 driver works)
  • Wireless (Atheros; see discussion above)
  • Ethernet (Attansic, using the atl1c driver; presumed working)
  • Bluetooth (USB, using btusb; working)
  • Webcam (USB, using uvcvideo; working)
  • SD/MMC card reader (USB; working)

Here is the content of /proc/cpuinfo and the output of dmesg and lspci: cpuinfo.txt, dmesg.txt, lspci.txt for a 1005PE model.