The Asus 1002HA is similar to the 1000H, an Atom-based netbook with a 160 Go hard drive ; it has a Bluetooth adapter and a 1.3 Mpixels webcam.

Its Ethernet adapter is driven by the atl1e module (already in Lenny's 2.6.26 Linux kernel), but its Wifi b/g/n adapter is an Atheros AR928X, which works only with the ath9k driver. The Lenny kernel does not support this. However, the kernel for Debian's next release, Squeeze, will. See ../../HowTo/Upgrade for instructions using a kernel backport for Lenny.

Apart the keyboard, it has only two extra "silver keys", power button and a "Super Hybrid" key, which is binded on Windows to a battery/power manager. Its touchpad is an Elantech one.