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'''Translations:''' [[fr/EeePC/Live|French]]
= A Debian live demo and installer for the Eee PC =

== Introduction & Status ==
Eeepc-live is a DebianLive based live demo system and installer.

Version 1.1~rc1 should work both over ethernet and wifi with all models.

Download the latest image and then follow the user's guide:

 * [[DebianEeePC/Live/UsersGuide]]

=== Features ===
 * A bootable iso/usb-hdd hybrid image that can be put on an SD card or USB device using dd.
 * Squeeze + 2.6.32 kernel + firmware so that all ethernet + wifi in all models are supported.
 * Lightweight, LXDE-based desktop.
 * Live installer & desktop launcher.

=== iso/usb-hdd hybrid images ===

See [[http://git.debian.org/?p=debian-eeepc/eeepc-live.git;a=blob;f=Changelog;hb=HEAD|Changelog]].

||[[http://people.debian.org/~synrg/debian-eeepc/eeepc-live/eeepc-live-1.1~rc1-hybrid.iso|eeepc-live-1.1~rc1-hybrid.iso]] (~560M) || bootable iso/usb-hdd hybrid ||
||[[http://people.debian.org/~synrg/debian-eeepc/eeepc-live/eeepc-live-1.1~rc1-hybrid.iso.md5|eeepc-live-1.1~rc1-hybrid.iso.md5]] || md5sum ||

=== Source ===
The source code repository for the live-helper config is at http://git.debian.org/?p=debian-eeepc/eeepc-live.git;a=summary

The source for the image, content listings and logs are available as well at [http://people.debian.org/~synrg/debian-eeepc/eeepc-live/eeepc-live-1.1~rc1/]]

== Testing the image ==
Just dd the .iso file to a USB key or SD card (assuming the USB device is {{{/dev/sdc}}} – replace this with the actual device*) which will replace its entire contents with this image:

dd if=eeepc-live-1.1~rc1-hybrid.iso of=/dev/sdc

 * If you don’t know which device your USB key or SD card is, you can look for it in {{{/dev/disk/by-id/}}} (assuming your system has [[udev]]).
 * Make sure that no filesystems on the device are mounted when you do the dd. Your system may automount any detected filesystems. Check {{{df}}} to ensure none are mounted and {{{umount}}} each one that is. If you fail to do this, the copy you make to the device with {{{dd}}} will probably end up corrupted and unbootable.

The best way to test the image is on the hardware itself. Just insert the key or card, reboot, press the 'esc' key during the BIOS splash screen, and when the boot device menu is shown, select the key or card to boot from.

== Development ==

=== Building the image ===

Building the image is as simple as the following. We assume a squeeze build system.

sudo apt-get install live-build git
git clone git://git.debian.org/git/debian-eeepc/eeepc-live.git
cd eeepc-live
lb config
sudo lb build

When you're done, you should have a binary-hybrid.iso and binary.log will contain the log of the build in case of errors. Test your new image as per above.

=== Developing the live config ===
For each change to ./config or ./auto/config you should sudo lb clean before doing another lb build (although depending on what you changed, lb clean options such as --binary or --purge may be more appropriate).

When making changes to the image, don't manually change the files outside of ./auto and ./config (e.g. ./chroot) as they are generated files and will be cleaned up by lb clean.

For more help on developing this live config, see #debian-eeepc @ irc.oftc.net or use our mailing list.