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Here is a list of old manual workarounds that can be removed:

FixMe: some of these might more appropriately be in the News for the package (at least where leaving the old workaround in place is considered harmful).

1.0.9 or later

1.1.0 or later

Linux kernel

2.6.26 Upgrade Issues/tips

Debian’s madwifi source package now supports the eeepc chipset so we are no longer packaging our own eeepc-madwifi-source. For those that have the madwifi-eeepc-modules-2.6-686 meta package installed, we have prepared a dummy package that should transition you to the new modules. For those that have the kernel specific madwifi-eeepc-modules installed, before you reboot into your 2.6.26 kernel, install madwifi-modules-2.6-686. This will pull in the latest madwifi-modules available, and keep them up to date when new ones become available. Atl2 modules should be treated as below.

The 2.6.26 kernel also has the laptop_eeepc acpi module in it, so there is no longer any need for the eeepc-modules package. This was built for 2.6.26 for a short while, so if you have the package installed for the 2.6.26 kernel, it should be removed as having two kernel modules loaded for acpi could lead to unpredictable results.

2.6.27 and 2.6.28 not supported

Neither of these kernels are in any Debian release and are therefore not supported.

2.6.29 Upgrade Issues/tips

This kernel is no longer in unstable and was never in testing. See 2.6.30 below. All points apply except 2.6.29 did not need firmware-ralink (but this was a bug!) and the rt2860 kernel panic issue was not present.

2.6.30 Upgrade Issues/tips

As described in ../../FreeYourEee, progress has been made in new releases of the kernel to include wifi drivers for all models of Eee.

2.6.31 Upgrade Issues/tips

This is mostly of interest to owners of ../../Model/1005HA and ../../Model/1008HA, who need atl1c (contained in this kernel) to make ethernet work.

Otherwise, the notes for 2.6.30 apply.

2.6.32 Upgrade Issues/tips

Mostly, the notes for 2.6.31 apply.

2.6.33 Upgrade Issues/tips

This is currently in development.

No known issues (which aren't also present in 2.6.32) as yet.