Elantech touchpad support in Squeeze

Using the synaptics driver

(!) Enabled in kernel 2.6.32-4 and later.

The touchpad is recognised by the kernel as an Elantech device (ETPS/2) device and uses the synaptics Xorg driver. See SynapticsTouchpad for details.

GUI assistance

The Mouse and Pointing device settings applets in the GNOME control centre (the latter in gpointing-device-settings) can be used to enable tapping and scrolling graphically. Beware that they can override the global X settings in xorg.conf.

PS/2 in >2.6.32

The validity of this section is dubious. It's not clear that the stated advantages couldn't be overcome by proper configuration of the synaptics driver, and kernel compilation is not something we recommend.

You might want the older behavior for some reasons:

So you have to disable the Elantech drivers from your kernel by recompiling.

In menuconfig you find the entry in

Device Drivers --> Input device support --> Mice --> Elantech PS/2 protocol extension