We use usertags to track bugs of interest to the debian-eeepc project across all packages in the archive with user and the following usertags:

All bugs with our usertags can be found here.

Also for each model in which the bug is confirmed, use these model-specific tags (feel free to add tags as needed if your model isn't listed below, and please update the list when you do).

How to add usertags

Choosing the tag

Use installer if the bug affects Debian-Installer or the ability to install Debian on the Eee. In all other cases (99%) use features.

Tagging from the command line

The bts command (found in devscripts package) can be used to ease usertagging:

bts user , usertag #### features

replacing #### with the number of the bug in question.

Tagging via mail

Include the following pseudo-headers in the beginning of your mail and Bcc it to

usertag 1234 features

For more information, see