DebianEdu is a project about improving Debian to make it the best distribution for educational purposes.

Skolelinux is the name of a CustomDebianDistribution which is produced by the DebianEdu project (skole is Norwegian and means "school").

The coordination of this project happens on You can subscribe to it by using the form available here (public archives of the list are at the same place):

You can also use the news or webforum gateway.

You will find an overview

How to install


Get in Contact

 Channel #debian-edu at
 Channel at (german)
 Channel #mozenix : Le lug de Sarreguemines (french)

How to help

You can help in many ways :




For an easy installation of the education-related software, we'll create some metapackages for DebianEdu. Here's a preliminary list; feel free to propose changes on the mailing list.

Feel free to propose enhancements to those metapackages on the mailing list.


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