DebianEdu is about improving Debian to make it the best distribution for educational purposes.

The coordination of this project happens on debian-edu@lists.debian.org. You can subscribe to it by using the form available here (public archives of the list are at the same place):

You can also use the gmane.org news or webforum gateway.

How to help

You can help in many ways :


For an easy installation of the education-related software, we'll create some metapackages for DebianEdu. Here's a preliminary list; feel free to propose changes on

the mailing list.

Feel free to propose enhancements to those metapackages on the mailing: list.


graphics for it (contact: SurajKumar)

 (Q: How about Localization / Internationalization?)

This Debian sub-project should collaborate with many other entities which are interested in free software for education.

[http://where-to.freeservers.com/ incest] [http://true-confessions.4t.com/ incest]

[http://more-stories.freeservers.com/ rape] [http://under-standing.freeservers.com/ rape]

[http://coocooshka.freeservers.com/ zoo beastiality] [http://like-that.freeservers.com/ zoo beastiality]