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DebianEdu is about improving Debian to make it the best distribution for educational use.

The coordination of this project happens on debian-edu@lists.debian.org. You can subscribe to it by using the form available here (public archives of the list are at the same place) : http://lists.debian.org/debian-edu/

You can also use the gmane.org news or webforum gateway. nntp://news.gmane.org/gmane.linux.debian.devel.education http://news.gmane.org/gmane.linux.debian.devel.education

How to help

You can help in many ways :

  • package and maintain the software listed in ?DebianEduToPackage

  • package and maintain any software listed in [http://www.ofset.org Ofset] that is not yet in Debian

  • sponsor non-Debian developers who are packaging education related software
  • integrate existing external packages into Debian : ?DebianEduToIntegrate

  • help with DebianInstaller to get a friendly installer for people with limited computer-skills

  • write good documentation for the education related software
  • (...)


For an easy installation of the education-related software, we'll create some metapackages for DebianEdu. Here's a preliminary list; feel free to propose changes on the mailing list.

  • ?EducationAstronomy

  • ?EducationBiology

  • ?EducationChemistry

  • ?EducationDesktopGnome

  • ?EducationDesktopKde

  • ?EducationElectronics

  • ?EducationGeography

  • ?EducationGraphics

  • ?EducationLanguage

  • ?EducationLogicGames

  • ?EducationMathematics

  • ?EducationMisc

  • ?EducationMusic

  • ?EducationPhysics

  • ?EducationServices

Feel free to propose enhancements to those metapackages on the mailing list.


  • Classify and package all free software related to education.
  • Write documentation to explain how to use the various software (in the educational context).
  • EyeCandiness aims at beautifying DebianEdu by creating eye candy graphics for it (contact: SurajKumar)

  (Q: How about Localization / Internationalization?)

This Debian sub-project should collaborate with many other entities which are interested in free software for education :

You'll find more links to various educational resources in ?DebianEduBookmarks.

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