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 * Please try to [[#Learnmore|learn more]] about Debian Edu first:
  ** Read the [[/DebianEdu/Documentation/Manuals|manuals]]
  ** Search the [[/DebianEdu/HowTo|howtos]]
 * Use the search function of this wiki!
 * If you don't find usable information and solutions for your problem, talk to us. See below!
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== More help ==
 * Please try to [[#Learnmore|learn more]] about Debian Edu first.
 * Use the search function of this wiki!
 * If you don't find usable information and solutions for your problem, talk to us. See below!

/!\ Needs heavy reorganisation, please help to tidy this site up (jever)

/!\ debalance is doing the heavy reorganisation now, please give him a few days

About Debian Edu / Skolelinux

The Skolelinux Desktop

What is it?

  • Debian Edu

    • is a Debian project to make the best distribution for educational purposes.
      You can read more about here.


    • is the name of a Debian Pure Blend which is produced by the Debian Edu project.
      "Skole" ([skuːl]) is the Norwegian form of "school". Both "skole" and "school" comes from the Latin word "schola".


  • Provide a complete software solution using free software and ...
    • tailored for the needs and use-cases in educational scenarios.
    • preconfigured for easy installation (standalone, as well as network-wide rollout).
    • easy to use, maintain, and administer.
    • supporting your language natively.

  • Classify and package all free software related to education.
  • Write documentation to describe how to use the various softwares (in an educational context).
  • International availability, currently being translated into XX languages.

Homepage vs. Wiki

Get started


  • See how to ?download or ?order Skolelinux.


  • Fetch some Documentation and have a look at it. The first chapters of the manual provide a good overview. ;-)


  • Start using your new system!
  • Remember, that Debian Edu is 99,9% Debian, so almost all help for using Debian also applies to Debian Edu.





Thorough books covering multiple topics




Shorter articles covering a specific topic or problem

Educational software


Educational software

Overview of software available in Skolelinux




OpenOffice.org's support pages



Debian GNU/Linux

Debian's support pages


Frequently asked questions


Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions – with answers :-)

Free help


Free help

How to get in touch with the voluntary community, and how to proceed in order to get answers to your questions

Professional help


Professional help

Skolelinux consultants

More help

  • Please try to learn more about Debian Edu first.

  • Use the search function of this wiki!
  • If you don't find usable information and solutions for your problem, talk to us. See below!

Talk to us and participate

ML - mailing lists

  • The coordination of this project happens on the debian-edu mailing list.

    • Go there to subscribe to the list, browse its archives, or view some statistics.
    • If you only want to drop an email then just do so; you don't have to subscribe to the list. (But please mention that you are not subscribed.)
    • GMANE provides a news gateway and a webforum gateway to this list.

  • Further /MailingLists deal with user support, translation, and other issues.

IRC - internet relay chat

Contribute - Help us to improve!

Everyone can help

  • You can help in many ways:
    • take a look at some possibilities to /Contribute to DebianEdu

    • write good documentation for the education related software
    • join one of our /Teams

    • help with this Wiki
    • (...)

Tasks for Debian Developers

  • You can help in many ways:
    • package and maintain the software listed in /ToPackage

    • package and maintain any software listed in Ofset that is not yet in Debian

    • sponsor non-Debian developers who are packaging education related software
    • integrate existing external packages into Debian; see /ToIntegrate

    • help with DebianInstaller to produce an even friendlier installer for people with limited computer-skills

    • (...)

Reports, presentations experiences




Independent reports about or relevant to Skolelinux




Presentations held by the Skolelinux team

User experiences


User experiences

Problems, solutions and success stories from users of Skolelinux

Learn more


  • Here you can find a complete list of packages which are included by the Debian Edu metapackages; feel free to propose changes (to this as well as to the metapackages) on the mailing list.

  • For an easy installation of the education-related software, there are some metapackages for DebianEdu.
    see packages : education-tasks (all education-*packages)

  • If you are a developer you might be interested to fix some bugs. Have a look at the bugs of related packages.

Debian Edu Wiki

  • We try to put all useful information (or at least links to it) into these pages.
  • You can also edit everything or place comments on any page; this is a wiki! (You may have to login first.)
  • Any change in the Debian Edu section of the wiki will be noticed by the Debian Edu team. ;-)

  • Go here for a complete SiteMap.


  • Our bug tracking system

    • View existing bugreports and feature requests; or create new ones.

    Linux Signpost

    • Become informed about alternatives to 'standard' commercial software and using linux.

Other languages