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'''Goals''' === Goals ===
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'''Need help?''' === Need help? ===
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 * GMANE provides [http://dir.gmane.org/index.php?prefix=gmane.linux.skolelinux gateways to them] as well.    * GMANE provides [http://dir.gmane.org/index.php?prefix=gmane.linux.skolelinux gateways to them] as well.
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 || #debian-edu` || development talk || english ||  || `#debian-edu` || development talk || english ||



DebianEdu / Skolelinux

  • DebianEdu

    • is a project about utilizing Debian to make the best distribution for educational purposes.


    • is the name of a CustomDebianDistribution which is produced by the DebianEdu project.?BR "skole" is Norwegian and means "school".



  • Provide a complete software solution using free software and ...
    • tailored for the needs and use-cases in educational scenarios.
    • preconfigured for easy installation (standalone, as well as network-wide rollout).
    • easy to use, maintain, and administer.
    • supporting your language natively.

  • Classify and package all free software related to education.
  • Write documentation to describe how to use the various softwares (in an educational context).
  • International availability, currently being translated into XX languages


Get started

  • See ?/GetStarted for how to get Skolelinux.

  • Also, fetch some ["/Documentation"] and have a look at it. ;-)

  • If you need help, see below!


Need help?

  • Please try to [#Learn learn more] about DebianEdu first. Use the search function of this wiki!

  • At least take a quick look at the pages for ["/Documentation"], ["/Help"], and ["/FAQ"].

  • If you don't find usable information and solutions for your problem, talk with us. See below!


Talk with us


ML - mailing lists


IRC - internet relay chat

  • irc.debian.org





    development talk



    user/admin support



    user/admin support



    user/admin support



    development ldap user admin tool



Learn more


What's here


DebianEdu Wiki
  • We try to put all useful information (or at least links to it) into these pages.
  • You can also edit everything or place comments on any page; this is a wiki! (You may have to login first.)
  • Any change in the DebianEdu section of the wiki will be noticed by the DebianEdu team. ;-) ?PageList(regex:case:^DebianEdu/[^/]*$)


  • For an easy installation of the education-related software, we'll create some metapackages for DebianEdu.

  • Here's a preliminary list; feel free to propose changes (to this as well as to the metapackages) on the mailing list.



Other resources


Other languages: French, German, Greek, Norwegian, Polish, Spanish




Our meetings


Help us improve


Everyone can help
  • You can help in many ways:
    • take a look at some possibilities to ["/Contribute"] to DebianEdu;

    • write good documentation for the education related software;
    • join one of our ["/Teams"];
    • (...)


Tasks for Debian Developers
  • You can help in many ways:
    • package and maintain the software listed in /ToPackage

    • package and maintain any software listed in [http://www.ofset.org Ofset] that is not yet in Debian

    • sponsor non-Debian developers who are packaging education related software
    • integrate existing external packages into Debian; see /ToIntegrate

    • help with DebianInstaller to produce an even friendlier installer for people with limited computer-skills

    • (...)