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Debian Edu Whislist

This is a which list for next Debian Edu relases


Ralf Gesellensetter has extended that IP range himself. It took 2-3 hours with trail and errors. Let convince Ralf to make an HOWTO :)

(they are sold with harddisk most of them)

Netbook Desktop alternatives

Here is a list of Netbook alternatives shipped today. Several are in production, and most can be run on Debian Testing today without to much hassle (apt-get install ...).

  1. KDE Plasma Netbook which is a default choice from KDE 4.4 Software Compilation shedduled for release February 2010

  2. Sugar Desktop witch is default on One Laptop per Child.

  3. Moblin is an Intel initiative

  4. ASUS Eee Tab based UI based on IceWM

  5. Android is promoted as a netbook alternative.

  6. Maemo is Nokia's alternative for mobile PC's and Mobile Internet Devices.

  7. <fixme: There are several others not mentioned here. E.g Gnome developers are working on a new netbook interface>

As you can see there are many Netbook alternatives. Looking at the goals for Skolelinux reaching out to education, the Sugar Dekstop is an obvious choice for lower grades (the 1-5 first years at school). Since KDE 4.4 comes with a Netbook desktop as a choice, that might be a convinient choice for those using KDE. The KDE Plasma Netbook also got good reviews initially.