Debian Edu Wishlist

This is a wish list for next Debian Edu releases. Some wishes are already in Debian. A HOWTO might be written explaining how to use a feature, an applications or a server.

Others might not go in as several of the Netbook alternatives. We might pick two or three alternatives given our voluntary resources got time to do it. But we will not pick all. If you're unhappy with our priorities, you can join our effort making your preference a part of Skolelinux. It's free software, so no one stops you in adding new desktops, features or other things yourself :).

/!\ Suggestion: Prepare two ordered lists from the brain storming list: On the first list, the complexity and the need of time or effort to be realizable (as estimated by developers) should increase for items from top to bottom of the list. The second list should be ordered representing the need or priority of features. Important items should be moved to the top, nice to have things more to the bottom. This ordering should be discussed and agreed on, probably personal needs and preferences will apply. However, having these two lists all that's left ;) to do is: Choose items from the top region of both lists and start implementing ... . Let's go!

See also ?DebianEdu/Devel/Squeeze.


Netbook Desktop alternatives

Here is a list of Netbook alternatives shipped today. Several are in production, and most can be run on Debian Testing today without to much hassle (apt-get install ...).

  1. KDE Plasma Netbook which is a default choice from KDE 4.4 Software Compilation scheduled for release February 2010

  2. Sugar Desktop witch is default on One Laptop per Child.

  3. Moblin is an Intel initiative

  4. ASUS Eee Tab based UI based on IceWM

  5. Android is promoted as a netbook alternative.

  6. Maemo is Nokia's alternative for mobile PC's and Mobile Internet Devices.

  7. At LinEx we've prepared a Desktop for secondary schools based on Gnome and are working on another one for primary schools based on LXDE. In both cases, using some configurations and simple scripts. The first one is for powerful laptops, and the second one for low resources laptops a.k.a Netbooks.

  8. <fixme: There are several others not mentioned here. E.g Gnome developers are working on a new netbook interface>

As you can see there are many Netbook alternatives. Looking at the goals for Skolelinux reaching out to education, the Sugar Desktop is an obvious choice for lower grades (the 1-5 first years at school). Since KDE 4.4 comes with a Netbook desktop as a choice, that might be a convenient choice for those using KDE. The KDE Plasma Netbook also got good reviews initially.