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  * [[DebianEdu/wwwVideosTakeATour|Take a tour video for the new homepage]] (Draft 1)   * [[DebianEdu/WWW/VideosTakeATour|Take a tour video for the new homepage]] (Draft 1)

Manuscript symbol description

D: Describes what to do with the keyboard and/or mouse on the desktop

S: Describes what is to be said while doing the things (D:) on the desktop

C: Comments added by others, please add your name


Suggested videos

  • OpenOffice video : Video that gives a more detailed introduction to OpenOffice

  • GCompris video : Video showing the most important features of GCompris
  • Skolelinux admin tool introduction : Video showing the admin tool in action
  • Best software video : Video showing the best software in Skolelinux

Recomended software


  • Arnt Ove Gregersen ( arntog at gmail dot com )
  • Sølvi Dørum Karlestrand