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This site is under construction and will get a new design and multilingual content. For this to get happend, a lot work has to be done. The first steps are done on the first developer gathering 2008 in Narvik, Norway. Work goes on ;-) (unfortunatly work hasn't went on, so I (JuergenLeibner) would like to ask, if there is still a need for this)

Update:(by Arnt Ove Gregersen) Unfortunately the old web page was never completely finished and work on a new Joomla page has started instead. The current version is available at http://joomla.slx.no , please let me know if anyone would like to contribute. It will hopefully be released in the near future. We had a workshop in Trondheim (Norway) where put together a list of suggested layout and gathered a small summary at the bottom of this page. PLease send me an email if you wish to contribute , my email address is arntog at gmail dot com .

Guidelines for adding content: ?Guidelines page

=== Drupal (will be replaced by a Joomla framework)===

Question by JuergenLeibner: What inspired the people to use Joomla instead of drupal? I'm seeing the nightmare of building and maintaining such CMS going on with no realy useable result at the end.

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