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Surveying the Debian Edu / Skolelinux users

It is an idea to ask the users of Debian Edu questions in an organized way to get more input on what they are struggelig with, and how they are using Debian Edu. This page is created to coordinate the work on creating and conducting such survey.


Random ideas

These are random ideas that need to be structured into questions:

<sep> i'd like to know how large the various installations are. so number of ltsp servers, number of thin clients number of diskless worstations and number of workstations, also number of windows and mac ws's and if they have any other dedicated servers.  then ofcourse if they are pleased or not, and what their top wishlist item would be. 
<h01ger> pere, what sep said, plus woody|sarge|etch. number of pupils, teacher, admins. estimation of their own computer+linux (seperated) skill levels (beginner, medium, expert), language skills ("english", not "perl")
<h01ger> pere, and i "fear" a bit the "vocal minority" factor: 20 teachers participate, 10 say they want/need $foo and then we focus on that, while its not really that important. but obviously, now we are running blind. so half-blind will be better..

About the syrvey object

What is your relation to Debian Edu?

Try to find out what kind of person is replying. (multiple choise or not?)

  • Teacher
  • System administrator
  • Pupil
  • Developer
  • Translator
  • Other

In what country are you located?

Should this be a free text field or a fixed list?

  • suggest dropdown box with country codes

What are the schools most used vendors/suppliers?

Try to find out who we should try to team up with to spread skolelinux.


( try and find better words here ) What is your skill level with Debian-Edu/Skolelinux

  • User (start and use applications)
  • Novice (install applications using package manager)
  • Intermidiate (can install skolelinux )
  • Experienced (Can install applications from source)
  • Expert ( can package my own aplications from source)
  • Wizard (developer professional support people)

Do you use buy support services

  • Yes/No
  • how much ?
  • how perhaps add a question determining if the support peaople are listed in our profesinal help list or not.

About the installation

Geografical size

Is the installation used in a

  • no installation
  • only test installations
  • a few classrooms
  • a school
  • a few schools
  • the muncipiality
  • larger ?


  • What version Debian-Edu/Skolelinux is running on the installation
  • woody (1.0)
  • sarge (2.0)
  • etch (3.0)
  • mixed woody/sarge
  • mixed sarge/etch
  • ?
  • I Don't know

What do you use: thin clients, windows clients or both?

Try to find out what environment they mostly use

  • How many machines do you have of the following, Answers with numbers in a text field ?
  • Servers (main server, other dedicated servers like: Backup, ldap, file, samba, print, web, mail, etch) should we split this up more ?
  • Thin client servers
  • Thin clients
  • Workstations
  • Diskless Workstations
  • Windows machines
  • Mac
  • Other
  • Printers


Find out how well the school is conencted to the internet, becouse of online educational resources, not sure if this is realy needed ?


The schools uplink speed in Mbps


Type of connection

  • adsl
  • sdsl
  • wireless
  • fiber
  • leased line
  • modem/isdn
  • none
  • don't know


Questions to determin customer satisfaction, goes in here


Questions to determ wishlist bugs goes here