DebianEdu ToDo

A lot of people ask where they can contribute, and we have a lot of task that we need extra people for.

The problem is that we do not have the complete list, at hand, when people asks us, and we do not have the time to go through the list, each time we are asked. Pointing people to the Bugzilla is often not the right thing to do either, because some of these tasks do not fit into/are not reported into the bugzilla.

So this page tries to solve this problem, by listing all the task we need help with, including big problems, reported in the bugzilla (please remember to include the bug number), and small things like updating webpages, cleaning mailinglists, plus, plus.


Web pages

For seeing what to do on the webpages, please go here Website ToDo-List



summary of each local team?

System administration

Contact information drift(at)skolelinux(dot)org