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Members: RalfGesellensetter (["/Cartography"]), Members:
 * Skolelinux.org "Showcase":
   * ???
 * Skolelinux.no (svn.skolelinux.no/repos/skolelinux/trunk/www/www.skolelinux.no)
   * RalfGesellensetter (["/Cartography"], ["/SlSchools"])

This guide gives an overview about the existing teams in Debian-Edu/Skolelinux. Please, also visit ["DebianEdu/Tasks"] to find possible entrance points for your own contribution.


This is the commitee which is responsible for new accounts and the servers themselves. They are also the admins of the servers. You get in contact if you enter the project or if you request new rights, such as upload rights.

Members: Petter Reinholdtsen, Morten Werner Olsen, Ragnar Wisløff

email: drift *lalala* skolelinux.org

styret / board

This group decides about sponsoring for travel costs or developer gatherings. Contact them if you want to ask for sponsorship for a special part of your debian-edu related work, for example a flight to a developer gathering. Also known as FRISK.

Members: Jørgen Grønlund, Jakob Breivik Grimstveit, Morten Werner Olsen, Ander Kringstad Hansen, Frode Jemtland, Børre Gaup, Trond Mælum, Andreas Schuldei.


These people maintain the archive system. They are responsible for the archive itself, the CD creation and for the movement of packages between the test and more stable pools.

Members: Morten Werner Olsen, Martin Zobel-Helas, Holger Levsen and Steffen Joeris

email: ftpmaster *lalala* skolelinux.org

architecture porters

Debian-Edu/Skolelinux will be available for three architectures (i386, powerpc and amd64). The porters take care of every package and make sure that it builds on all architectures. In order to achieve this, they coordinate their work with the specific maintainers. It is their job to make sure that there is a running Debian-Edu/Skolelinux version on all of the three supported architectures.

Members: Martin Zobel-Helas and Holger Levsen

Bugzilla team

The bug reportings and their fixes are managed by the Debian-Edu/Skolelinux Bugzilla. The structure and coordination of these bugs is part of the Bugzilla team's work. They can also increase or decrease the urgency of bugs and assign someone to them. It is their goal to keep the number of bugs to a minimum, therefore they can advise the other teams to take special care for/focus on specific bugs.

Members: Frode Jemtland

Security team

The Debian-Edu/Skolelinux security team announces the official DESA (Debian Edu Security Announcement). They look after the DESAs and bring security fixes into the distribution. They are also allowed to upload packages with security fixes and a high urgency to all pools.

Members: Finn-Arne Johansen, Morten Werner Olsen and Steffen Joeris

Documentation team

The documentation team is responsible for providing up-to-date ?HowTos for installation and administration. For that goal they coordinate their work with the other developers.

Members: Klaus Ade Johnstad, Knut Yrvin

Promotion and Community Team

The promotion team is responsible for providing guidelines for deployment and maintaining Skolelinux in schools. The team members also traveling around holding speeches and motivating municipalities to use free software in schools. They also help out getting funding and making it more easy for new translators and developers to join our common effort making free software easy to adopt in education.

Members: Knut Yrvin [Norway], Kurt Gramlich [Germany], Thierry Stauder [France], Konstantinos Margaritis [Greece], Tariq Farooqi [Pakistan], Andreas Schuldei [Debian Community]

Package Team maintaining

The team maintainance is very important for Debian-Edu/Skolelinux. There are some base packages within the distribution which are always team maintained and under subversion control. Mainly there are three packages debian-edu-install , debian-edu and debian-edu-config . All developers are responsible for these packages. The debian-edu-install package is the installation part. To organize the installer this package does the job. The debian-edu package is the meta package of Debian-Edu/Skolelinux. This package decides which package should go onto a Debian-Edu/Skolelinux system by default. The debian-edu-config package preconfigures the Debian-Edu/Skolelinux system directly after the installation. To achieve that, it uses cfengine2. In order to work on the configuration it is neccessary to bring the changes into this package.

Members: All developers


This team takes care of DebianEdu webpages. Apart from this wiki and a showcase for marketing purposes (formerly Plone, now hosted at Skolelinux.org) there are several pages on http://d.skolelinux.no ([:DebianEdu/Teams/SiteMap:cf. ?SiteMap]). Some of them are dynamically created (PHP/[:/MySql]).


  • Skolelinux.org "Showcase":
    • ???
  • Skolelinux.no (svn.skolelinux.no/repos/skolelinux/trunk/www/www.skolelinux.no)

Evaluation and Education

This team evaluates the educational software provided by DebianEdu and designs use cases and lessons including teaching aids.

Members: RalfGesellensetter,

Arts Team

This team designs and collects artwork connected to the project. This includes logos, wallpapers, icons etc. The team intersects with teams from kde-artists. For further information confer /ArtWork

Members: RalfGesellensetter, James Herrington, Daniel Hess