See also the release notes.

Status of Debian Edu "Jessie"

Changes from Wheezy to Jessie

Known problems we must fix

Known problems, we would like to fix

The build-client-opts preseeding in defaults.thin-client-server breaks PXE installs including profile thin-client-server (781515). Fixes addressing this issue have been committed to d-e-config branch 'ltsp-related' and to d-e-install.

Upgrade from wheezy should be made easier (related fixes have been committed to d-e-config branch 'upgrade-tmp'):

Unblock request needed for debian-installer-netboot-images to fix PXE installs.

Fixed in git, needs upload to unstable

Known problems, unlikely to be fixed for jessie

Reported problems, not/no longer reproducible

Fixed in unstable (related packages accepted in unstable)

Setting up the LTSP chroot fails, if the netinst or usbstick ISO files are used to set up a combined server in a virtualbox environment (780591). Installation on real hardware using a USB stick (with BD ISO image) works.

Fixed + done (related packages migrated to jessie)

Further ideas

Mostly stuff for Stretch (the release after Jessie)