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== Fixed in unstable ==

 * www/sitesummary doesn't work

Status of Debian Edu "Jessie"

Known problems we want to fix

Known problems, unlikely to be fixed

Fixed in git (hopefully)

  • Samba/LDAP setup fails due to a failure reading SAMBASID during bootstrap.
  • The cups management site 'www:631' doesn't work.

Fixed in unstable

  • www/sitesummary doesn't work

Fixed + done

Further ideas

Mostly stuff for Jessie (the release after Wheezy)

  • make it easier to use another, already existing, directory server, be it LDAP or AD.
  • Include FAI to easily install customized machines (Skolelinux RLP and Musterösung BW use Images (why?), can we do something comparable with FAI?
  • Make the installer more flexible. Make it possible to choose KDE/GNOME/all educational packages/Debian default. (Waiting several hours installing Tjener+LTSP seems to scare away testers and developers).
  • Continue cleanup. What is left back in our d-e-packages that's not needed anymore? Strip down things to the necessary, we are not able to maintain more. What can and should be addressed in Debian?
  • Preconfigured LXDE by default as Thin-Client?
  • Preconfigured educational desktop (if chosen in the installer).
  • Make it possible to choose LTSP chroot arch (i386/amd64)