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 * Installation of desktops fail because of a postinst bug in lilypond-doc (DebianBug:758787).

Status of Debian Edu "Jessie"

Known problems we want to fix

  • Installation in Jessie is broken because acl uses bzip2 format (759327 og 759367).

  • the jessie manual is missing.
  • ldap-client: Not only one PAM module of krb5, ldap and sss is enabled
  • postoffice: postoffice service is not listening on imaps/tcp (conf file needs to be adjusted).
  • Kerberos/LDAP startup with systemd is unreliable (758992)

  • Automatic proxy configuration fail because WPAD is ignored by the proxy command (644373)

  • Automatic partitioning fail when reinstalling, because partman refuses to "reuse" swap partition in LVM (757818)

  • Grub ask users to enter /dev/ path to hard drive on a single hard drive machine (712907)

  • Local user on roaming workstatoin (and probably other profiles) do not have working USB plug and play. Inserting USB memory stick is not discovered in KDE. Petter suspect missing plugdev group membership is the cause.
  • The command 'net time' causes a segmentation fault.
  • The cups management site 'www:631' doesn't work. (the file /etc/systemd/system/cups.socket.d/cupsd-listen.conf is needed, the existing symlink has to be deleted. This file has to be kept in sync with /etc/cups/cups.conf concerning the listen statements.)
  • Shutdown takes ages, at least in a virtual box setup. (problem finalizing remaining filesystems and devices)
  • Installation of desktops fail because of a postinst bug in lilypond-doc (758787).

Known problems, unlikely to be fixed

Fixed in git (hopefully)

  • Samba/LDAP setup fails due to a failure reading SAMBASID during bootstrap.
  • krb5kdc is not running.
  • kadmind is not running.
  • Kerberos service is not listening on kerberos/udp.
  • Kerberos service is not listening on kpasswd/tcp.
  • Kerberos service is not listening on kerberos-adm/tcp.
  • getent failed to find file group 'students'.
  • samba: missing Domain Admins in samba groupmap.
  • webcache: squid is not running.

Fixed in unstable

  • www/sitesummary doesn't work
  • Unable to find /usr/bin/rpcinfo
  • pxeinstall: Unable to find PXE file /var/lib/tftpboot/pxelinux.0

Fixed + done

Further ideas

Mostly stuff for Jessie (the release after Wheezy)

  • make it easier to use another, already existing, directory server, be it LDAP or AD.
  • Include FAI to easily install customized machines (Skolelinux RLP and Musterösung BW use Images (why?), can we do something comparable with FAI?
  • Make the installer more flexible. Make it possible to choose KDE/GNOME/all educational packages/Debian default. (Waiting several hours installing Tjener+LTSP seems to scare away testers and developers).
  • Continue cleanup. What is left back in our d-e-packages that's not needed anymore? Strip down things to the necessary, we are not able to maintain more. What can and should be addressed in Debian?
  • Preconfigured LXDE by default as Thin-Client?
  • Preconfigured educational desktop (if chosen in the installer).
  • Make it possible to choose LTSP chroot arch (i386/amd64)