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See the [[https://wiki.debian.org/DebianEdu/Documentation/Buster/Installation|Buster manual installation chapter]] how to set kernel command line parameters.

Status of Debian Edu "Buster"

(development started in July 2017)


A Debian Edu ISO isn't yet available; use the daily Debian Installer mini ISO; please note that an installation fails sometimes (kernel modules not availabe / problem with libc6-udeb); just try it a few days later, and always use the recent mini.iso:

  • wget -q https://d-i.debian.org/daily-images/amd64/daily/netboot/mini.iso (text installer mode, ~ 43MiB) or wget -q https://d-i.debian.org/daily-images/amd64/daily/netboot/gtk/mini.iso (graphical installer mode, ~ 68MiB)

  • Add modules=debian-edu-install-udeb and desktop=xfce (or mate, gnome, kde) as additional kernel params; also, if profile 'LTSP server' is wanted, add ltsp-client-builder/use_cdrom=false. If running a dedicated apt caching proxy, you can add ltsp-client-builder/build-client-opts="--http-proxy=http://<IP>:<port>" as well.

See the Buster manual installation chapter how to set kernel command line parameters.

Known problems we want to fix

  • The added LXQt desktop environment lacks education menu integration.
  • The added metapackages (video, primaryschool) are missing education menu integration.
  • The desktop profiles concept (kiosk) seems to be outdated since years.
  • The favorites configuration (most DEs?) needs love.
  • MATE is only translated (63%) to Nynorsk

Other issues

  • Our documentation could further be improved: eg by proof-reading and improving language+grammar used, by updating outdated entries, etc

Known problems we want to fix for Buster

  • we want to be able to install Debian Edu with d-i from cdimage.debian.org, see 846003 and 846006 - however the latter is blocked by 474745.

Fixed in Git

  • nothing atm

Fixed + done (related packages migrated to buster or unstable)

  • finish the SVN2Git Migration Status

  • Even if deselected, the LTSP installation step is reported as 'failed'; see: 888583. Workaround: When the Debian Edu profile screen is shown, open up a Debian Installer shell and run 'rm /var/lib/dpkg/info/kbd-chooser.*'

  • GOsa² access to LDAP is broken. This happens because password decryption doesn't work; see 892546. Workaround: After booting the main server for the first time, run:

cp /etc/gosa/gosa.conf.orig /etc/gosa/gosa.conf
cat /dev/null > /etc/gosa/gosa.secrets
service apache2 reload

Please note that this change disables gosa-admin password encryption (GOsa² -> LDAP connection); the generated (random) password is used in this case.

  • Installation is broken since PHP7.2 has entered testing. This happens because mcrypt support has been removed from PHP while gosa-encrypt-password depends on it; see 889811. Workaround: While the Debian Installer is busy installing software, open up a shell and use 'nano target/usr/bin/ldap-debian-edu-install' to replace gosa-encrypt-passwords > /dev/null with #gosa-encrypt-passwords > /dev/null and to add the line touch /etc/gosa/gosa.secrets below the commented one. Please note that this change disables password encryption to access the GOsa² web interface; use only for testing.

  • The usbstick ISO image should allow installations including the 'LTSP server' profile without internet connection; atm about 300 MiB need to be downloaded. This happens right after the base system has been installed successfully in the LTSP chroot, later in the process packages are fetched again from the mounted image. [Reason was that the first part (when the 'debian-edu-install' package gets installed) has been moved to LTSP client build stage 'install)' where the CDROM and required mounts are not yet available. Moving this part to 'after-install)' (or all parts to 'finalization)' like it has been before commit 57a5c24f) allows to use '/media/cdrom' throughout. Also, '-o acquire::check-valid-until=0' needs to be added to APT_GET_OPTS to be really able to use '/media/cdrom' als local file type repo.] See: 867271, fixed in Buster (d-e-c commits 2278d78b and 5c1b880d).

  • Fix personal web pages configuration; see 866228. As a workaround run these commands on the main server:

rm /etc/apache2/mods-available/userdir.load 
cp /etc/apache2/mods-available/status.load /etc/apache2/mods-available/userdir.load 
sed -i 's/status/userdir/g' /etc/apache2/mods-available/userdir.load 
ln -s /etc/apache2/mods-available/userdir.load /etc/apache2/mods-available/debian-edu-userdir.load 
a2enmod debian-edu-userdir
  • adjust the Samba configuration file to be able to join recent clients to the SKOLELINUX domain out-of-the-box; see 864663.

Done in the manual

  • nothing yet