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Status of Debian Edu "Bullseye"

(development started in July 2019)




/!\ The ISC DHCP server doesn't work, for a workaround see information about Bug 971275 below.

(!) Instead of the default xfce desktop environment, mate, gnome, lxde, lxqt, cinnamon or kde can be used by editing the kernel desktop parameter (default: desktop=xfce).

Dropping the modules= and desktop= items from the kernel command line completely allows one to use all ISO images for stock Debian installations.

See the Bullseye manual installation chapter how to edit kernel command line parameters.

Installation media

Debian Edu ISOs for 64-bit and 32-bit PCs (both AMD and Intel processors) are available from the usual Debian places.

(Replace amd64 with i386 if an image is needed for very old 32-bit PCs.)

Download using http

Weekly builds using d-i from buster:

Daily iso-cd builds using d-i from unstable (iso-bd images are not built daily):

Download using rsync

Also recommended to update an already existing image.

Verify the downloaded image file

Detailed instructions for verifying these images are part of the Debian-CD FAQ.

Known problems we want to fix

Known problems that need to be fixed elsewhere


Fixed and done