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Status of Debian Edu 12 (bookworm)

(development started in August 2021)

/!\ This page needs to be synchronised with the development, it is currently outdated.



See the Bookworm manual installation chapter how to edit kernel command line parameters.

Installation media

Debian Edu ISOs for 64-bit and 32-bit PCs (both AMD and Intel processors) are available from the usual Debian places.

See this overview page, prefer Release Candidate builds of Debian images for Bookworm (weekly builds might be out of sync).

Download using HTTPS

Bookworm Release Candidate 4 images: (Replace amd64 with i386 if an image is needed for very old 32-bit PCs.)

Verify the downloaded image file

Detailed instructions for verifying these images are part of the Debian-CD FAQ.

Known problems that need to be fixed

Known problems that can be fixed locally

If using thin clients, users should turn off compositing to avoid display artefacts; see 1008602.

Known problems that need to be fixed elsewhere

Known problems we want to fix for the next release

Fixed and done