A lot of time has passed since last prerelease, and some bug changes have been done

The biggest change is that we use new ltsp-packages, which is built by debian packages. Since this is more or less the same tools that is used with lessdisks, lessdisks is no longer on the CD. Also, to get more education apps onto the CD, some of the developer tools are removed. There is no Image for the PowerPC this time, I hope to get back with more info in that department later on.

Changes from pr05 (r4251) to pr06 (r5132) -

Some of the new packages on the CD:

Removal of some packages

Security upgrades:

debian-edu-install upgraded to 0.648 (from 0.646+svn4227)

debian-edu upgraded to 0.803+svn4986 (from 0.803+svn4246)

debian-edu-config upgraded to 0.398+svn5130 (from 0.398+svn4246)

The new image is availible from developer by rsync(preffered if you have an old image) or ftp. with rsync (all on one line): .

or with FTP

For known bugs an limitations, please look at

or look through bugzilla at

oh yes - the Checksum of the image is 2c19ab35e44a44221350581d63e1e23b

- -- Finn-Arne Johansen ?PreRelease manager for sarge-based Debian-edu