Release announcement mails

For English-only release announcements, the announcement mails go to...

English-only -- To: debian-edu-announce (at), debian-edu (at), linuxiskolen (at), admin-discuss (at), debian-edu-german (at), bruker (at), debian-edu-french (at), styret (at), press (at), distro (at)

/!\ Remember emails to debian-edu-announce@ must be signed by a Debian developer.

For translated announcements, the translated announcement mails are sent to these recipients...

Bokmal/Norway -- To: linuxiskolen (at), bruker (at), styret (at), annonsering (at), pressemelding (at)

German -- To: debian-edu-german (at)

French -- To: debian-edu-french (at)

Available translations will show up on the website; the mails could thus be short, just linking to the website.

Release announcement draft

To be able to use the Debian publicity infrastructure more easily, the draft is kept in the Debian publicity team's announcements.git; see:

The announcement has been translated into: de, nl, fr (as of 2019-05-14).


git clone

Checks before the release