Release announcement mails

Debian Edu Buster will be released at the same time as Debian Buster (planned date: 2019-07-06).

The Debian publicity team will send the Debian Edu release announcement mail one day after that date.

In addition, announcement mails from the Debian Edu team go to...

English -- To: debian-edu-announce (at), debian-edu (at), linuxiskolen (at), debian-edu-german (at), bruker (at), debian-edu-french (at), styret (at), annonsering (at), pressemelding (at)

/!\ Remember emails to debian-edu-announce@ must be signed by a Debian developer.

For translated announcements, the announcement mail should contain a link to the translation on (and thus could be short); they are sent to these recipients...

Bokmal/Norway -- To: linuxiskolen (at), bruker (at), styret (at), annonsering (at), pressemelding (at)

German -- To: debian-edu-german (at)

French -- To: debian-edu-french (at)

Release announcement draft

To be able to use the Debian publicity infrastructure more easily, the draft is kept in the Debian publicity team's announcements.git; see:

The announcement has been translated into: de, nl, fr, sv (as of 2019-06-16).


git clone

Checks before the release

/!\ The image URLs are valid at release time; to check items before, use the corresponding Debian Installer RC 3 images, available on