Debian-Edu/Skolelinux Reference Schools


The DebianEdu projects provide a database of schools and users of the system to help the users find each other, and also to have an idea about where the users of the distribution are located. Please let us know about your installation, by registering in this database. To register, use this web form.

Schools who decide to use DebianEdu/Skolelinux as free Custom Debian Distribution, are kindly asked to sign up to this database. Thus,

Cartographic representation: Maps

World maps

Worldmap.svg is rendered just in time (PHP) and displays all current Skolelinux maps if you own a SVG capable viewer (ksvg, mozilla, opera; inkscape).

Map of Europe

This map is rendered just in time and reflects the current state of our school database.

Map of Scandinavia

Map of Germany

Map of France

Interactive Map (New)

Skolelinux Schools displayed on Open Layers (based on map data)

List of Reference Schools

Here you can browse schools and read their reports. You have several sorting options.

Add and edit school data

Make sure to have correct geographic position for your school, so it appears on our maps


By the end of 2008, almost 160 schools are known to run Skolelinux. Of course, registration is voluntary, so actual numbers are even higher. The gross, namely 99, is within Norway, the mother land of DebianEdu/Skolelinux. Approx. 33 registered schools are in German speaking countries (de, ch, at). There are further schools in France, Spain, Denmark, Poland, Mali, Eritrea, Brazil, Peru, Philippines, Japan, Ireland, Greece, Belgium, and U.K..

This chart witnesses the increasing amount of schools using Skolelinux:

Regarding only schools being registered by the end of last month

This chart shows in what countries DebianEdu/Skolelinux is used:

Deutsch Norsk French

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