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Contributed by Jonathan :


This is an initiative to make available openly licensed educational materials for K12 aligned to the SA schools curriculum.

Website: http://www.siyavula.org.za/

Delivery platform: www.cnx.org <http://www.cnx.org>


Closely linked to Siyavula, it is a platform that allows teachers to share assessment tools online.

Website: http://fullmarks.org.za/


This is a set of collaboratively developed open textbooks for Maths and Science in grades 10-12.

Website: http://fhsst.org/


We recently launched a call for applications for a joint Mozilla Foundation/Shuttleworth Foundation Fellowship via Mozilla's Drumbeat initiative. One of the applications we received was from Norway and had a related focus. Maybe it's worth getting in touch.

Web link: http://www.drumbeat.org/node/5381/about

Contributed by Jose


http://conteni2.educarex.es/ contains materials that have been paid my our government, so we have the total copyright and sources. So no problem at all if you index, distribute or reuse them. It's in pure spanish, except the english exercices and lessons. The first menu is to choose between primary education, secondary education, or special education (people with some auditive, visual or mental needs). The next menu is to choose between the subject and the different curricula topics. All these materials are made using flash. Honestly, I haven't used this site because I don't like flash materials ,and I don't like at all the teaching philosophy behind this kind of materials, but many people think the opposite, and spend our money on them as they look colourful and nice, pretty, etc. That's why I hadn't noticed before that there's not copyright information in the web site, so I'm going to ask the person in charge to put it on it.


http://recursos.educarex.es/ is a search engine of educative materials available to our teachers, parents and students. There you can find the other site resources, but also materials done by teachers, or governments of other spanish regions. The license of every material here can be different, and the sources might not be available. Anyway they all have licenses that allow redistribution and reuse, but maybe not commercial uses in some cases. Most of these resources are made with flash, but not they all.

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