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= Overview =

'''An overview of a Skolelinux network and explanations of important Skolelinux terms'''


''A simplified overview of the architecture of a Skolelinux network: Click [[http://www.skolelinux.org/images/skolelinux_architecture.en.png|here]] for a larger version.''

== Servers ==

Servers offer services to the clients in the network.

'''Main server'''

The main server contains information about users as well as their files. Most of the services in a Skolelinux network are run on this server. There is only one "Main server" in the network. However, most services can easily be moved to another machine, should it become necessary.

''' Thin client server '''

A thin client server runs all the processes for the thin clients. It is a powerful machine, doing the work for all the thin clients connected. One might have multiple thin client servers in the network.

== Clients ==

True for all the clients, is that there is a central storage of files and central user authentication, as explained in [[DebianEdu/Product| "How Skolelinux works"]]. Generally, they do not offer any services to the rest of the network, hence the name, but they may be used to share printers.

''' Thin client '''

A thin client is the visual part of the processes running on the thin client server. It has a mouse, a keyboard and a display – it does not need a hard disk. Since only the graphics are shown on this client, it can be an old machine, which would otherwise be useless.

''' Workstation '''

In a workstation, applications are installed and maintained locally, allowing faster startup time and access to local devices such as CD-writers.

== Extras ==

''' Printer '''

Printers may be connected anywhere in the network, also to thin clients, but they cannot be administrated from them. Skolelinux uses [[http://www.cups.org/|CUPS]] for printing.