How Skolelinux works

A short introduction to how Skolelinux works

"Skolelinux" – a GNU/Linux distribution

Skolelinux is a GNU/Linux distribution. It is put together by various Linux software components, based on Debian. Debian is a state-of-the-art, user-friendly operating system. Our goal is to make Debian easy to install and maintain for schools – with applications available on the student's mother tongue.


Insert the CD, answer three simple questions and watch how Skolelinux unfolds on your server. Behind the scenes of that simple installation, are the results of years of careful configuration and tweaking. Lots of services are installed, configured and ready to run when the installation is completed.

An advanced network solution

Despite how easy Skolelinux is to install, with only three questions asked, it is an advanced network solution, with many pre-configured services. With ordinary, closed, proprietary software, these services have to be configured manually for every single school – and that needs careful planning and expertise!

Amongst several pre-configured services are the following:

See the ?overview of a Skolelinux network.

Administration and maintenance

Day-to-day administration and maintenance is done with a web browser – through the Webmin administration interface.

Installation and maintenance of software packages is done through Debian's rock-solid "apt-get" system. At a glance, it enables you to upgrade your entire system with only two commands.


Skolelinux comes with lots of software for school use, and additional software can be easily installed.