Debian-Edu: Skolelinux 3.0 Terra available for free download!

* Oslo - July 22., 2007

Skolelinux 3.0 is ready. This is a community release with comprehensive support from regional and national projects in Germany, Spain, France, Greece and Norway. The Skolelinux project is now a part of Debian under the name Debian-Edu. Several other projects have contributed additional functionality to Skolelinux, tailored for national needs. Skolelinux now supports 50 countries.

New in Skolelinux 3.0:

About Skolelinux

Skolelinux is the Debian Edu project's Custom Debian Distribution. It is installed in a great number of schools in Norway, Germany, France, and other countries. Municipalities and Commercial Service Providers run Skolelinux across multiple schools, operated and maintained centrally. Service providers report that the "lowfat clients" require half the maintenance cost of other desktop alternatives.

The next milestone of Skolelinux development will be to merge the Debian-based LinEx distro into Debian Edu[2]. Currently LinEx is used by more than 250,000 students and public employees in the region of Extremadura in Spain.

In depth

"Lowfat clients" are also known as "diskless workstations". They run applications locally on the client. All software comes from the server instead of from the client hard drive. Recommended minimum requirements for client machines are > 256 MB RAM and 800 MHz CPU. Skolelinux now has improved tools for system surveillance and maintenance.

Roadmap for merging of LinEx and Debian-Edu

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