Participation in Debian-edu popularity-contest

To get some indication on which software packages (debian packages) are being used in an educational setting, the debian-edu project are maintaining its own popularity-contest installation to collect and organize information about the software used in schools.

This is made possible by changes included in version 1.30 of the popularity-contest client. It can now report the information of installed packages to several collectors using HTTP, and we recommend letting the clients report both to the official debian popularity-contest installation and the debian-edu installation.

If we get all machines on schools to report, we get a good summary of what kind of software are used by schools around the world. This in turn can be used to decide what kind of software should be included on the debian-edu CD.

The debian-edu popularity-content web page is updated daily, and everyone can see what kind of software are in use by machines reporting ot it.

The version 1.30 package should work on both woody and sarge as well. There are some issues on woody, but this will be fixed in a future version.

To participate, run the debian-edu installer script as root.