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= Debian Edu One Laptop per Child project = = Debian on the OLPC XO-1 laptop =
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After a tip from Walter Bender at MIT, I was subscribing to the
devel-boards list for the One Laptop per Child project. Walter is
president, software and content, of the One Laptop per Child
The following subpages are available:
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My subscription was forwarded to the list moderator for approval. Then
i got a nice e-mail from Jim Gettys.  He wrote that if my interest in
the list is to get a developer's board, then please follow the
following instructions (look at the bootom):


This will result in a developer's board if the request is at all
reasonable, and you will be added to the mailing list (which is meant
to be low volume announcements for people with boards).

I wrote some suggestions for a plan to get the OLPC-machine up running
April 5th 2006:

So people, I could apply for boards to realize this plan. (The plan is
not at all finale, but a suggestion):

 1. To make the Debian installer work with OLPC-machines
 2. To make bare bone Debian run with network connectivety in a mesh network (IPv6)
 3. Make the power management work
 4. To make X and a window manager with simplified debloated desktop


  4.1 Make a KDE school desktop with debloated applications (Scince Knut Yrvin is Community Mangager for qt at Trolltech from August 1th 2006, and KDE is used as a desktop on Skolelinux, this could should be done to pull the resources together.

But with no developers interested doing the development, I see no
reason for applying for boards. So it depends on what the Debian Edu
and Debian contributers are interested in.

It's a considerable job tailoring the different subsystem in Debian to
OLPC hardware. The installer has to be tailored, the network mesh net
support has to work, simplified debloated desktop has to be configured,
and the power management has to work.

We have done interesting things with Custom Debian Distributions and
Debian Installer in the Skolelinux / Debian Edu environment before. It
seems to me that more people have joined the Skolelinux / Debian Edu
project. I believe the One Laptop per Child is important for Debian,
and we should do this development.

== People or organisations that are interested ==

People that is interested:

|| '''''Organisation''''' || '''''Contact person''''' || '''''Role''''' ||
||LinEx at Extremadura || José "L. Redrejo" Rodríguez ||lead dev ||
||Skolelinux developer || Knut Yrvin || project manager ||
||Debian installer team || Christian Perrier ||developer ||
||<your organisations> || <your name> || <title e.g developer,translator>||