Notes on non-free packages in Debian Edu

We prefer packages licensed according to the DFSG, but some times there are no alternative to providing non-free packages in Debian Edu.

List of non-free packages on the DVD is available at the end of the needs love page for Lenny.

Evaluated packages, OK to include

etoys etoys-doc

QA info

For etoys and etoys-doc José Rodríguez report there's no legal problem. The packages have free licenses, but are kept in Debian non-free because it's impossible (up to now) bootstrap them from sources, due to the special way smalltalk images work.


is ok to distribute


is ok to distribute


is ok to distribute


is ok to distribute


is ok to distribute

is ok to distribute

Evaluated packages, not OK to include

libjogl-java libjogl-jni

see below. (those are nonfree libs which worldwind depends on.)

additional note: libjogl-java in squeeze is free software! yay!

libworldwind-java worldwind

worldwind depends on nonfree java which we dont want on our CDs, thus I've stop trying to make sense out of the NASA licence for worldwind. libjogl-java probably deserves an RC bug, because /u/s/d/libjogl-java doesnt contain the full copyrigt, narf. ( is only refered but not included.). libjogl-jni is just another binary from he same source. I recommend to remove worldwind from the cd (it's not useful without java and without network access anyway). worldwind seems to rock, though :)

sun-java5-bin sun-java5-jre sun-java5-plugin

QA info

see below :)

sun-java6-bin sun-java6-jre sun-java6-plugin

QA info

The packages would be nice to have to get a working java browser plugin, but the installation require interactive acceptance of the non-free license. We avoid the package to avoid having to present the question to the admins when they install Debian Edu.

eagle eagle-data

QA info

eagle almost looks good to distribute, but then not really as distributors are asked to

eagle seems good to, except:

        * Make it clear that this is a Freeware Light edition of a
          commercial product, and as such may only be used for
          non-commercial or evaluation purposes.

and I don't think we are doing this.

I'm also not sure how useful eagle is, "The usable board area is limited to 100 x 80 mm (4 x 3.2 inches)." (though bigger boards can be loaded) and I dislike the need to run this programm as root once.

Packages yet to evaluate

icc-profiles, last checked 2012-01-01.