News from 2007

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Older news from 2006 and before

Developer camp in France this summer

A Dev camp will take place this summer in France from 6 to 15 july in Forbach, France. The all Debian-edu team is invited. Travells can be be payed by EU. Make the experience of french hospitality ;)

DebianEdu/Skolelinux v 2.0r0 is out

After twenty-one months of development, Skolelinux has released a new version. Skolelinux, the Debian-edu project's Custom Debian Distribution, is installed in hundreds of schools in Norway, Germany, and other countries.

Developer gathering in Erkelenz, Germany

The next developer gathering will take place in Erkelenz, Germany, 27.-29. January 2006. This is a gathering that the german part of the project has organized, and that the rest of us has been invited to.

Microsoft Norway may be probed

The Norwegian Competition Authority is considering investigating Microsoft Norway for breach of competition laws. Special deals for Norwegian schools involve a new generation of computer users having no choice but Microsoft.

Developer gathering in Bergen

The next Skolelinux developer gathering will be held at St. Paul in Bergen on the weekend from the 10th to the 12th of June.

Polish Portal Preview

Poland, one of the EU's youngest members, keeps surprising us. After Polish politicans seem to have made "EU's pro-patent majority crumble" (LBW Nov-21), we now proudly present a Polish portal as the first localisation for Eastern Europe.

Skolelinux v1.0r1 released

A new version of Skolelinux is released. Amongst the major changes since 1.0 are more translations in the installer and an autopartitioner now using the whole disk. In addition, several packages are updated.

Skolelinux wins award

The Skolelinux project with its over 200 voluntary contributors, is deeply grateful for the Linux New Media Award for Best Newcomer Linux Distribution 2004.

Will investigate Microsoft's dominance in schools

The Norwegian Competition Authority will investigate Microsoft's dominance in schools, after complaints from Skolelinux and Sunndal Juniour High School.

Developer gathering

From the 27th to the 29th of August, a developer gathering will be held on Ulsrud Videregående Skole, Oslo.

Skolelinux in cooperation with similar projects

Joint statement by Debian-Edu and Skolelinux together with PSL-Brasil, GNU/LinEx and other participiants from the GNOME community

Skolelinux 1.0 – «Venus» – released

Skolelinux 1.0 is finished. More than 200 developers have worked for the last three years up to this release – code-named "Venus", after the Venus transit 8th of June 2004. The name reflects our wish to make user-friendly technology universally available. Skolelinux is free software, made with an open mind.

Skolelinux 1.0 – «Venus»

Today, Debian-based Skolelinux reached v1.0 – representing a milestone in the project. Behind the release are more than a hundred developers, who have worked hard in the last three years.