This is the list of the French AddonCD content that we want to move into Debian and DebianEdu main

  1. Plain Moodle installation (install Moodle package from Debian)
    • Automatic configuration of the Moodle-database (check if any of mysql-server or postgresql-server have any ways of doing this?)
  2. Ask the Moodle maintainer(s) about moodle-package-addons namescheeme (moodle-theme-bar, moodle-lesson-baz and moodle-plugin-zoo ?)
  3. Moodle Skolelinux theme (svn:fr/moodle-skolelinux-fr/)
    • Create the following Debian packages:
      • moodle-theme-skolelinux (do we need one package for each language, how can we activate the theme without directly editing Moodle's configuration files)
      • moodle-lesson-edusoftware (contains the Free Software lessons)
    • Move Moodle configuration-stuff into debian-edu-config
  4. rename moodle-ldap to moodle-plugin-cipux?

The list of finished items

Tasks in progress