Meeting Minutes

The meeting took place on #debian-edu (, on Mon Nov 8 19:58:18 2010 UTC. It ended at 20:59:30 UTC

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  1. Who moderates the meeting and who writes the summary?
  2. Squeeze status

    1. single arch DVDs
    2. current status / blockers
    3. new name for the thin-client-server profile (#588510)
    4. alpha2 timeline?
  3. gathering in Oslo, 3-5 Dec 2010
  4. meeting in Germany in February 2011
  5. other business?
  6. Next meeting?


Meeting started by h01ger at 19:58:18 UTC (full logs).

Meeting summary

Who moderates the meeting and who writes the summary

Holger Levsen moderates the meeting and Jürgen Leibner writes the summary.

Squeeze status


Squeeze status - single arch DVDs

Holger Levsen said, that it has been cleared on irc. He will create additional single arch DVDs, then we evaluate them, then we'll see.

Squeeze status - current status / blockers

Petter Reinholdtsen said that missing ldap admin is the big blocker and that Iceweasel's default page is not http://www/ indicates that our mechanism to set the default is broken, which is critical. As admin tool we decided on gosa, whats left to do? GOsa lacks support for editing netgroups, and is unable to configure our dhcp and dns servers. Getting GOsa to work with powerdns seems possible with little work. associatedDomain is the ldap attribute we need. We want bugs for each and every issue, seperate bugs! As NFS exports depend on netgroups, it is important to get it working. For netgroup support in gosa, there is a patch from Andi Mundt. Petter Reinholdtsen believes, that we should set up three access levels in gosa, admin, jradmin and other/none using groups, to make sure it is visible from within linux who got extra privileges, and make sure not all teachers got extra privileges. Documentation for usage of GOsa in Skolelinux has to be written.

Squeeze status - new name for the thin-client-server profile (#588510)

Lets change the profile name at the beginning of the wheezy circle.

alpha2 timeline

It was agreed that the alpha2 target should be the week after the gathering in Oslo. The focus in alpha2 will be on main server and ldap admin.

Gathering in Oslo, 3-5 dec 2010

See this wiki page for information.

Gathering in germany, February 2011

There will be an edu meeting in Zweibrücken, 2011, feb 10-13. Plan is to give back to the community the results, but nobody knows how this will be done.There will be more information in time.

next irc meeting

It was agreed to make it Monday, 13th, 2100 CET (20 UTC), this channel

Meeting ended at 20:59:30 UTC.