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The meeting took place on #debian-edu (, on 2010-11-01 (Monday) from 19.00 UTC to 20:00 UTC.

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1. please indicate your presence - who will write the summary?

2. lenny status

2.1 lenny status: #1409: Iceweasel does not save exception rule for https://www/lwat

2.2 status lenny: 1408: Diskless Workstation not working yet

Bug #1408 seem to be the dumping ground for everything diskless related. The original problem was ldap connection related. But dvd installs should now be working.

Diskless workstations when using netinstall on real hard ware has meen working the last 3 weeks. There are strong indications that this bug is only related to install on vbox.

2.3 status lenny: 1138: We need to check and act on the non-free packages on the DVD

2.4 status lenny: 1415: Cannot unlock KDE lock session

There was a bug (#534714) about missing /etc/pam.d/kde in Debian which caused the same behaviour.

The scenario of log-in working, but unlocking a session not, is when /etc/pam.d/kdm is there, but /etc/pam.d/kde is not

2.5 status lenny: 1412: Errors when building the LTSP chroot are not reported to the user

Concludes #1412 still needs some work

3. alpha3

Lets copy an image tonite, test it, and call it alpha3 tomorrow?

* h01ger will try to find a good moment to make an alpha3

4. rc1

If alpha3 looks promising, i'd like to see rc1 RSN. Where looks promising = not absolutly unreleasable.

5. any other business

5.1 any other business: should we modify lwat to allow editing passwords per default

5.2 AOB: should we test stable-proposed-updates by default in the CD image?

6. next meeting

Meeting ended at 19:59:48 UTC.