Meeting Minutes

The meeting took place on #debian-edu (, on 2009-10-15 (Monday) from 19.00 UTC to 20:03 UTC.

The full log is at


Topic 1: Who moderates the meeting and who writes the summary?

sep and h01ger

Topic 2: Lenny status

holger agreed to make a rt ticket to add "lenny" as a version to our bugzilla, which by now was done by white. need work

we agreed to do a alpha0 prerelease, which was also done by now

we agreed that installation blockers should be set to p1

we agreed that stuff which we must fix for the release should be p2, stuff which can wait for a pointrelease (or later) shall be p3+

we agreed on the following (rough) timeline/procedure:

  1. agree on some timeline with an somewhat ambitious aim (ie mid november), so that we make it by december 31st ;) :-D

  2. publish the ambitious timeline on debian-devel-announce and call for translations of the manual and for help to fix #311188 for squeeze
  3. find agreement that we do a almost perfect release now and fix the fancy stuff in a pointrelease 1-3 months later (once we have enough fixes) (we need to release somewhat soon, we (=our lenny release) is becoming obsolete, people have started to install pure debian instead..)

h01ger volunteered to step up as RM (release manager) and deal with bug priorities as discussed above

h01ger will write a mail to d-d-a

Topic 3: Gathering in Oslo 30 oct

Topic 4: Certification

k4x who proposed this topic wasnt here, so we skipped it

Topic 5: other business?

the project is running out of funding for gatherings, and we need to do something to get more funding. see but i am not 100% sure i trust it yet (sepski, 19:58:20)

Topic 6: Next meeting?

AGREED: 21 CET (20 UTC), november 15th

you can volunteer for chairing and writing the summary today! just reply to this mail :)