Meeting Minutes

The meeting took place on #debian-edu (, on 2009-08-12 (Wednesday) from 19.05 UTC to 20:10 UTC. It completed in 1 hours and 5 minutes.

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  1. Who moderates the meeting and who writes the summary?
  2. Lenny status

  3. other business -developer meeting
  4. Next meeting?


1. Who moderates the meeting and who writes the summary?

Kurt moderates the meeting and Kurt will write the summary.

2. Lenny status

Holger mentioned, that only 6 bugs are left! Daniel did a netinst testinstall of mainserver+workstation+ltsp which was sucessful but he did not yet test the thinclient part. He reported that there is still a problem with the bootstrap of ldap for samba and samba in general which may also require a change in lwat (to add some more samba attributes for new users and hosts) Daniel has a test setup now and is working onthe samba issue. Finn-Arne asked about pdns-ldap, if we should have used strict method instead if tree-method. Ronny used tree mode when he initialy concived the powerdns way. since i needed zone transfers. Petter would love to have one object for each computer in LDAP.

Petter tested the lenny install, and failed to find tjener as a host in LDAP using lwat. Holger: this bug blocks our release ;)

Discussion about samba group maps

Ronny: this is something samba did in a different way in etch so it was working in etch Daniel: there are groupmaps for admins, jradmins, teachers and students now (debian-edu-config/ldap-tools/samba-debian-edu-admin), and adding groupmap information would be nice Ronny: the groups we provide out of the box are working. This is only for new groups made thru lwat / import and it works if you run the command i mentioned in the bug after making the groups. I have allways kept it identical for the user generated groups, and does not see a need to change it. With the exception of the groups that have special meanings:

Petter: we should avoid regressions if this was working in etch. Finn-Arne: I'll look into it.


Short question about PXE: Petter asked Holger: did you fix the PXE stuff with DVDs? Holger: pere, no

Discussion about test releases:

Kurt asked: Who is able to do this? Holger: ftpteam and drift Petter: gautehk, ronny, pere, olea, herman, lis, joeyh, holger, builder, akai, werner, ragnar, jever, finnarne

Ronny: Wording the announcement is the main work. There may be other bugs we do not know about. And the announcement should mention the blocking bugs to avoid duplicates. Kurt will help to draft the announcement, Holger and Daniel will help too. Petter proposed an example:

3. any other business

Topic: developer gathering october

Finn-Arne is waiting for an answer of FRISK. His company will sponsor some NOK for gathering if it is not the 3rd weekend in october. At the same time there should happen a new general assembly and elections of the board of FRISK. Petter proposed to use the wikipage: to collect the possible date. So everybody how likes to join the meeting should put his name and his available weekend in october in that page.

Holger to Taiwan

Sponsoring Holger to travel to Taiwan in September Holger should ask at FRISK board.

4. Next meeting

The next meeting is on Monday, the 14th September 19:00 UTC (21:00 CEST) at #debian-edu on

Kurt closed our meeting at 20:13:02