Meeting Minutes

The meeting took place on #debian-edu (, on 2009-07-01 (Wednesday) from 19.05 UTC to 20:10 UTC. It completed in 1 hours and 5 minutes.

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  1. Who moderates the meeting and who writes the summary?
  2. Lenny status

  3. debconf9 plans?
  4. other business?
  5. Next meeting?


1. Who moderates the meeting and who writes the summary?

Ronny moderates the meeting and Daniel will write the summary.

2. Lenny status

Some reports about recently done test installations are given.

Autopartitioning in barebone profile

Petter noticed that autopartitioning does not work in the “barebone” profile. Ronny checked the 97minimal recipe that is missing an entry for /boot.

LDAP setup

Because of the recent bug #1362 it is discussed if slapd is not started after test installs, but nobody has seen this problem before.

Installation of ltspserver-profile stops

Klaus has installed several ltsp-servers with the netinstall. Everything looks fine there but the ltsp-server does not work from the DVD: #1354

CD Build using D-I 5.0.2

Daniel rises the question if our images are already using D-I from 5.0.2. Ronny expects them do so, and recent test install did not show the bug #1315 problem.

Graphical D-I

Petter reports that working on the Debian and Ubuntu boot system last week. He was told, that Ubuntu dropped the graphical D-I because of usability issues. Daniel says, that he did not had problems with the graphical D-I. Nobody else is using the graphical D-I for test installs currently, so it is agreed to default the PXE installer to the text installer to be consistent with the default on the CD and DVD boot menu.


Ronny asks if anyone tested if LWAT includes all features needed now. Some of the required features/things to test are:

Jürgen raises the question if we are going to provide a LDAP upgrade/migrate script. Daniel reports that he is currently working on script to update the Samba records in LDAP to contain new attributes. It may be possible to extend the script, once running, to a full update script.

Jürgen mentions, that it may be possible to modify LDAP so that different Windows versions would use different storage areas for profile data. This would make using different Windows versions in parallel more easy.

4. Debconf9 plans

No news here

5. any other business

Jürgen asks if should be remove. It was a testcase in February 2008 and not used since then. Ronny agrees that it should be removed then.

Klaus mentions, that expert mode asks a lot more questions in Lenny than it Etch. Ronny reports, that the changed debconf_priority to high from critical is the cause for that, and required to not lose important question during very early boot. Klaus uses the "remote install using ssh" feature from the expert menu.

Praveen reports, that the state of Kerala (India) is already using a own custom Debian distribution called IT@School GNU/Linux in all of its schools. Their neighboring state Karnataka is also starting its ICT@School project with GNU/Linux. He further reports, that they are starting the initial phase of training, and have chosen Skolelinux/Debian Edu as a base, to “tap into the excellent work that has been happening”. They need to have support for input methods, fonts and translations for the Kannada language. The current version of IT@School is available from

5. Next meeting?

This point was skipped during the meeting, but shortly afterwards there was a small consensus about the date of the next meeting:

The next meeting is on Wednesday, the 12th August 19:00 UTC (21:00 CEST) at #debian-edu on