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=== next meeting when ===
Besides the real life meeting in bergen, the next irc meeting will be on monday, april 13th, 20:00 UTC (22:00 CET)

Meeting Minutes

This meeting took place on #debian-edu on 2009-06-17 from 19.00 utc until 20:00 utc.

  • Moderator: Vagrant Cascadian
  • Log collector: meetbot
  • Summary writer: Ronny Aasen


  • sepski = Ronny Aasen
  • vagrantc = Vagrant Cascadian
  • klausade = klaus ade johnstad
  • danielsan = Daniel Hess
  • pere = Petter Reinholdtsen
  • jever = Jürgen Leibner


  1. Who moderates the meeting and who writes the summary?
  2. Lenny status

  3. debconf9 plans?
  4. other business?
  5. Next meeting?


Log is available at http://meetbot.debconf.org/debian-edu/2009/debian-edu.2009-06-17-19.02.log.html


1. Who moderates the meeting and who writes the summary?

Vagrant Cascadian moderates the meeting, Ronny Aasen writes the summary

2. Lenny status

lenny-test netinstalls should be back to normal. Testing is still needed for most of the issues on the Status page [1] and the buglist [2] there was concencus that works needs to be done, but resources (time) was scarse. Danielsan announced a intention to test in teh coming weeks.

Bugs that was discussed are

  • #1315 - Choose debian edu profile in expert mode - have been tested by sepski, di 5.0.2 should allow closing this bug
  • #1328 - Iceweasel refuses to connect to https - Commits have been seen for this, but testing is needed.
  • #1354 - Installation of ltspserver-profile stops. - vagrant suspects the 486 kernel is missing, this was hinted onto the images, but needs more testing.
  • #1351 - LWAT upgrade results in faulty configuration - none had insight, needs testing.

actions that need to be done.

  • more testing :)

  • ask ftpmaster to sync lenny-test to lenny, and prepare a rc release


3. debconf9 plans?

july 16th is debcamp, july 24th is debconf, ends on the 31st.

  • vagrantc announced he will be at debconf from the 16th, and attend the whole thing.
  • pere announced he will leave for debconf the 23th


4. other business?

pere asked about backporting icetea/openjdk, but we do not have the resources for such a task at the moment.

5. Next meeting?

next meeting: wednesday, july 1st, 19:00 UTC