Meeting Minutes

This meeting took place on #debian-edu on 2009-03-16 from 20.00 utc until 21:10 utc.



  1. Who moderates the meeting and who writes the summary?
  2. etch: how to deal with #1336 (also in lenny)

  3. etch r2 cds?
  4. Lenny status

  5. ltsp features to backport (Vagrant)

  6. other business?
  7. Documentation: What's inside Debian Edu
  8. Next meeting?


Log is available at


1. etch r2 cds

It was agreed to not focus on etch r2, the etch builds are disabled. We are all concentrating on lenny

2. etch: how to deal with #1336

A change was introduced in etch, where a bugfix changes the default behaviour in lwat(1). we will revert the change. Holger will upload lwat 0.17-2~nmu+1.


3. lenny status

4. ltsp features to backport

vagrant have asked on the lists [1] about the need for backporting ltsp for lenny. it was agreed that vagrant will look into backporting the ltsp udeb to make the installer more intuitive.


5 Documentation: What's inside Debian Edu

There was some discussion about the task pages [1] set up by Andreas Tille. About their intended audience, and purpose. It was generaly agreed that they should be linked from more sources. like the wiki, the documentation, and the public website [2]. Andreas also noted that the Debian Description Translation Project[3] needs more translators. there are curently no norwegian translations at all.

[1] [2] [3]

next meeting when

Besides the real life meeting in bergen, the next irc meeting will be on monday, april 13th, 20:00 UTC (22:00 CET)