Meeting Minutes

This meeting took place on #debian-edu on 2008-11-19 from 19.00 utc until 20:12 utc. It took one hour and twelve minutes.



  1. formalities
  2. debian-edu lenny bugs which needs to be fixed for release
  3. features needed before the release
  4. usbstick images
  5. ltsp boot options
  6. developer gathering in oslo in december
  7. next meeting


debian-edu lenny bugs which needs to be fixed for release

Currently there is only the list of the bugs in the wiki which have to be fixed for the release of lenny, h0lger failed to put them into the bugzilla. Atm the bugzilla is broken and doesn't send emails anymore to the list (Notice of the summary writer: This is fixed now). Vagrant suggests to only use the Debian BTS for bug tracking, as we currently have 3 places to look for bugs (wiki page, bugzilla and bts). Pere suggested to use the bugzilla for everything which is inside debian and the bugzilla for everything else. Some bugs which were listed in the meeting are:

Holger has updated the LennyBugtracking Page in the wiki to reflect the task which are currently open.

features needed before the release

We need to move dns finally into ldap, it's not very user-friendly to have the dhcp configuration in ldap, but the dns configuration in files. A Admin should be able to add a host without the need to edit both. One dns-server which should be able to use ldap, according to holger, is dnsmasq. (Note from the summary writer: powerdns is also able to use ldap). jever suggested to drop nscd, everything should work without nscd too, but the load on the ldap server and the speed of logging in is much slower, but on the other side there will be no troubles of cached data which has been changed in the meantime in the ldap server. This is one point which should be discussed on the gathering in oslo in december.

usbstick images

holger would like to have usbstick images to install skolelinux, as this is easy and very trendy. How this works is described in the d-i manual and is not really hard. As everybody really liked this idea Vagrant will try to set up a automated setup for this.

ltsp boot options

Vagrant thinks this is just a bug which should be tracked, and he will try to fix it. He said that BOOTPROMPT_OPTS is customised for debian-edu and a boot=nfs is missing there.

developer gathering in oslo in december