Meeting Minutes

The meeting took place on #debian-edu (, on 2008-03-10 (Monday) from 19.00 UTC to 20:26 UTC. It completed in 1:26 hours.

The full log:



  1. Who writes the summary?
  2. bugs we care about in etch
  3. lenny
    1. cd building
    2. progress on bug #311188
    3. ldapify services?
    4. XO & XS hidden profiles

    5. desktop hidden question (multi-select, defaults to kde, other options: gnome, xfce, sugar)
    1. see also ToDo-list

  5. organizing a wiki cleanup session
    1. to remove/mark old pages
    2. to cleanup the structure
    3. move the cipux pages away
  6. cdd-dev rewrite to cope with different arch meta packages (I need input for the tags used in the tasks files, please see this posting for the tags that remain unclear)

  7. any other business
  8. Next meeting?


1. Who writes the summary?

Ludger Sicking volunteered to write the summary.

2. bugs we care about in etch

2.1 flashplugin

Holger will remove flashplugin-nonfree from etch-test and will send a mail about flashplugin-nonfree-extrasound. The latter package worked with ltsp at the gathering in Narvik. (José tested it on lenny successfully). The package should move from etch-test to etch (a guess by Holger).

2.2 new bugs last week

Last week four new bugs were reported. See #1301, #1302, #1303 and #1304 (e. g. Bug #1301 and #1302 are about "adept" but none of the attendees could provide additional information.

2.3 kiosktool

Alf reported a bug in the menu edit. The bug were solved by installing a kubuntu-package but purging and re-installing the Debian Edu/Debian package failed. Daniel suggested a diff on the two packages to see which differences exist. Alf will to the mailinglist and start a discussion about this behaviour.

3. lenny

3.1 cd building

The CD is built and that's an effort comparing to the situation few months ago. But there are still some unsolved problems. The Debian Installer ignores the udebs.

It seems that the package debian-edu-install is not build by the "right" distribution ("right" means unstable resp. not etch). A colleague of José will rise this topic on the mailinglist. sep will have a look at d-i finding out why it's skipping the Debian Edu udebs.

3.2 progress on bug #311188

This bug is about complying the Debian Policy, see Winnie had investigated some other (blocking) bugs. Holger will ping #370332 and #370351. It would be useful if someone could look at #370337 and #370343. Perhaps some problems could be solved by switching to another log-deamon.

3.3 ldapify services?

See The new dhcp-ldap package will be installed in the lenny release. The dns topic (bind9 and powerdns) will be discussed later. José will mail to the mailinglist about cdd.

3.4 XO & XS hidden profiles

Holger suggested to provide two additional (hidden) profiles: XO and XS. (hidden means only visible in the install-mode expert). XO is for olpc-laptop, XS for schoolserver (quite similar to tjener/standalone. Maybe these profiles merge at a later stage). The attendees agreed to this addition.

3.5 desktop hidden question (multi-select, defaults to kde, other options: gnome, xfce, sugar)

The same idea (additional profiles) was discussed for the desktop environment. The default should be kde. But the user can switch the default by adding something like "install gnome" at the boot prompt. Maybe something similar exists already in Debian.


See The french part of will be updated by Olivier. At least he will have a look at this website and the translation of our documentation for etch (

5. organizing a wiki cleanup session

moved to next meeting

6. cdd-dev rewrite to cope with different arch meta packages

discussed few points, moved to next meeting resp. after the meeting (Andreas and Holger).

7. Any other business


8. Next meeting

The attendees agreed to discuss the date of the next meeting on the mailinglist. It will take place on the 24th if no other day will show up.

Suggestion for the next meeting: 2008-03-24 19:00 UTC (20:00 CET).