Meeting Minutes

The meeting took place on #debian-edu (, on 2007-12-03 (Monday) from 19.00 UTC to 20:45 UTC. It completed in 1:45 hours.

The full log:



  1. Who writes the summary?
  2. remaining steps to release r1
    1. bugs
    2. httpd issue
    3. PR
  3. any other business
  4. Next meeting?


1. Who writes the summary?

Christoffer Jerkeby volunteered to write the summary.

2. remaining steps to release r1

2.1 bugs

The attendees argues that some packages in debian-edu needs to be pushed due to translations not being updated in time.

The current roadmap suggests the same: After some discussion the attendees talks about sitesummary as considered stable after some additional work. It was agreed that all P1 and P2 bugs are fixed, and we are ready to release.

The final work that needs to be done is to push debian-edu-doc to stable repository. There are currently no bugs in bugzilla that are blocking r1. The attendees agrees that h01ger has free hand to push the debian-edu-doc package himself. It is agreed that pere should request a new sitesummary package into stable, to get the new features included in r1. The discussion continues on whom will do testing for the 64 bit kernels and a date for moving the images. Finlay the attendees will copy the images on Tuesday(041207) and release them on Wednesday(051207) 18:00 UTC.

2.2 httpd issue

Finarne mentions that he was unable to reach the httpd earlier today on h01ger and finarne decides to continue discussing the downtime after the meeting.

Since Finarne was using amd64 the attendees agreed that amd64 should be tested with skolelinux apt sources .

2.3 PR

Current pressrelease:

Work needs to be done on the english version. Since there are a some work that needs to be done with coordination and translation to the major languages we need a coordinator for the translations. These pages should be updated on wednesday on the release:

h0lger calls for akai and larsris to update

3 Next meeting?

The attendees agrees to have a release meeting 2007-12-05 18:00 to release.

Next proper meeting January 2008-01-21 19:00 UTC (20:00 CET)

4. Any other business

There is a discussion on whom is going to attend to FSCONS this weekend. Apparently Anders Kringstad, Knut Yrvin and Petter Reinholdtsen will attend.